Magnus Kir cover ideas…

Here’s part of the emails I sent to David S., the creative director at Ambassador International. I also sent him some links to book covers I like- and think that the style would fit Magnus Kir’s attitude.  I’d love to have your ideas as well or you could even post links to the covers of your favorite books (whether they fit my qulifications or not). I’ll keep you abreast of what ideas David sends my way…


Dark, but kid friendly so that middle school children’s moms won’t be afraid to buy it for their kids., but also, not so kid friendly that a high-schooler wouldn’t be afraid to be found reading it in the school cafeteria.

I searched “middle grade fantasy” on amazon and here are the book covers that intrigued me and portrayed the attitude I liked.

I liked all of this series’ covers:

Nice imagery:

I don’t know about the character in this one, but the background is awesome:

Very good!


What do you guys think? Agree or disagree?

About deanhardy23

Dean Hardy is the Bible Department Chair at Charlotte Christian School North Carolina. He is the author of middle grade fantasy Magnus Kir and an apologetics text entitled Stand Your Ground
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