Complete Cover Overhaul! The new cover sketch….

Apparently David (the creative designer at Ambassador) just couldn’t make the cover work… (see message below), but you know, this is better than the last! (and yes, this is the final sketch before the final cover) Here’s David’s message:

“Dean, I know it might seem like we are going slow on the cover but I assure you once we have everything nailed down things will move quickly. 🙂 I have what I hope will be the last sketch of the cover. This one is a lot more detailed and actually not a cover I had sent before. As I was working on the cover I was having problems making the title integrate well with the wall, and making the wall look like an imposing wall instead of a stone fence. It’s hard to do that when looking down on it. I did a few more cover sketch ideas and suddenly found one I think is superior and fixes some of the problems I was having with the previous cover. This one is more symbolic. You have the town represented by various buildings sticking up behind a wall with the book title overlaid. Obviously in the book I imagine most of the buildings would not be near the wall but that’s design, distilling to a simple idea that conveys the book. Surrounding the town we have the dark ominous woods which serve as a frame for the book cover. Running from the town we have a little boy figure (the white “thing” to the right of the town”). Don’t worry, he will be more like a boy outline. I was more worried about nailing down how the town and title worked together. So, this turned into a really long email but I hope I have conveyed my thoughts and the cover well. Here is the cover sketch. I added light/dark to up the contrast of the elements. On the real cover, color will be the main way to separate elements. The woods will be dark though. Oh, and your name would go at the top of in the foliage. The style of the cover will still be the stylized shapes similar to the Life of Pi book. I just sketched this out for speed’s sake.”


About deanhardy23

Dean Hardy is the Bible Department Chair at Charlotte Christian School North Carolina. He is the author of middle grade fantasy Magnus Kir and an apologetics text entitled Stand Your Ground
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