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Day Three of CSFF tour of articles on Christian Fantasy

I’ve looked at a piece of fiction on day one, overviewed the actual website and its editor on day two, so how about a few pieces of non-fiction on the website and blog?   First, John Ottinger’s Christian Fantasy: … Continue reading

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Day two of CSFF blog tour of the ResAliens Website- seeking short stories!

In yesterday’s blog about the ResAliens website   I focused more on one of the short stories than I did on the actual web/webzine, so, here’s a little more on this cool website. Lyn Perry is the editor of ResAliens as well … Continue reading

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“Considering A.I. in Christian Fantasy” : Day One of CSFF tour of ResAliens website! (Free book offer within)

The ResAliens website quickly enthralled me. There was so much to READ and I couldn’t even choose where to begin!  (visit Web site link – )  They have an e-magazine which I quickly downloaded for FREE and will have to … Continue reading

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A post on Hunger Games… (a review and being on set of the movie)

Hunger Games (HG) was a very unique read for me for two reasons. 1) It was written in first person. I found this strange, yet, for the most part it was smoothly written. A few times during the read something … Continue reading

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Signing at Barnes and Noble- August 27th

It’s been a crazy summer…but I actually got more reading done than expected. I highly recommend Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death”- it’s an interesting take on how tv and media has changed how “we know.” My wife and I … Continue reading

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