A post on Hunger Games… (a review and being on set of the movie)

Hunger Games (HG) was a very unique read for me for two reasons.
1) It was written in first person. I found this strange, yet, for the most part it was smoothly written. A few times during the read something “felt strange” with the wording, then I reminded myself that it was written in a different person that I was accustomed to.
2) The intensity level of the book begins immediately on the first page and lasts the entire way through. Personally, I read books that give me time to breathe, reflect, and wonder what’s going to happen next. In HG, you are thrust into Katniss’ world of Panem, and there’s no release… even at the end you are thrust into a different sort of turmoil.
Quick review:
The HG plot revolves around an oppressive regime centered in one city (the Capitol) which has totalitarian control over 12 separate districts. (It used to be 13, until it was destroyed in a revolt.) The members in each district severely struggled for basic sustenance. Then, every year, the Capitol randomly chooses a boy and girl in each district to have the honor of being a part of the hunger games. What’s the honor? Fighting the other tributes to the death while all the rest of Panem watches. Yes, there are severe moral implications to this sort of entertainment, of course, can you imagine a worse dystopian universe than a government that kills kids for fun?

On set of the movie:
This may sound strange, but I have to be careful what I write here. As a background extra you do sign a release stating that you won’t talk about the specifics of being on set. I can’t speak on my make-up, outfit, set design, or anything else for that matter. All I can say is that I was a member of “Captiol” and had to cheer and encourage what was likely immoral. (Not giving anything away here…this is clearly in the book!) It was strange; I had actually become a person that I had demonized while reading HG. Thank goodness after ten hours I could take off the outfit and make-up… That being said, I’d do it again in a heartbeat; and if they come to do the next movie in the series here in Charlotte, that might be a possibility!

About deanhardy23

Dean Hardy is the Bible Department Chair at Charlotte Christian School North Carolina. He is the author of middle grade fantasy Magnus Kir and an apologetics text entitled Stand Your Ground
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6 Responses to A post on Hunger Games… (a review and being on set of the movie)

  1. Amy says:

    That’s awesome that you are an extra! You’ve summarized that book very accurately. The other 2 are the same. It’s a whirlwind until the end. But after you are done, the feelings are overwhelming and hard to express in words.

  2. deanhardy23 says:

    Hey Amy!!!
    I’ve got the other two books in Que. I can’t wait to read them both… Jennah’s actually on set right now. I think she’s done about 15-16 days on set, most in District 12 scenes. She’s got a much better chance of making it on screen somewhere than I do…. she’s actually trying to get on set for more scenes next week! We’ll see…

  3. Leighton says:

    DUDE! You’re my hero! So how’d you get in? Are they filming in your town? That’s awesome!

  4. Patrick says:

    That must have been such an awesome experience and you review is really great. Do you think it is possible to post a pic of you as a citizen just because the citizens themselves are almost a work of art and it has been a few years since the film came out. Also thank you again for posting a great review of the book.

    • deanhardy23 says:

      Unfortunately Patrick- they didn’t allow cameras on set- and I was in the actual movie for literally .5 seconds and it only showed the top half of my bowl-cut head of hair and my eyes. 😉 This was super frustrating because my beard was rad. The make-up lady spent over and hour on it…

  5. Patrick says:

    Thank you so much for responding to me and sorry about them not letting you take pictures at least you got to be in the movie. I was just wondering what your capitol look was since the clothes, hair, and makeup were out of this world and like you said took a long time. Could you maybe describe your capitol transformation and thank you again for taking time out of your day to respond to my post.

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