Speaking to students on the Steps to becoming an Author

I really enjoyed speaking to 5th grade classes at Charlotte Christian School. The enthusiasm of this class was infectious. Their imaginations ran wild…even though most of the classes hadn’t read the book. All I had presented was the trailer and the back of the book. (The actual point of the presentation will come later.)
I am very surprised that some of the students’ first reaction about the premise of Magnus Kir is that it reminded them of the Garden of Eden. So, Zack supposedly represented humanity in the book. It’s funny to me because that wasn’t intentional at all- and it seems so obvious to me now.
The actual presentation revolved around the steps to becoming an author. Here are the steps I came up with…if you think I’ve missed something let me know!

Have an idea!
Write an Outline
First Draft / First Edit
Find an Agent or go directly to a Publisher
Professional Edit
Cover Art

About deanhardy23

Dean Hardy is the Bible Department Chair at Charlotte Christian School North Carolina. He is the author of middle grade fantasy Magnus Kir and an apologetics text entitled Stand Your Ground
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2 Responses to Speaking to students on the Steps to becoming an Author

  1. David }5th grade student] says:

    Thanks for talking to the 5th grade!

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