The motive behind Magnus Kir… our cultural “Bubble”

One of my favorite projects I assign my seniors is to go speak with someone from a very different religious perspective. The students’ are to give them reasons why they believe there is a God. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get preachy here, I just find it interesting when some of my students tell me that they don’t know any non-believers.  They’ve been so sheltered by the Christian environment, that they don’t have any non-Christians to seek and understand a contrary opinion. I don’t know what to say to these students except, “You going to be shocked next year when you walk onto a  college campus.” I fear they will be overwhelmed, not only by the shock of a different environment and added freedoms, but also the vast number of different opinions that will flood their minds.

While Magnus Kir is about a 12 year old boy and not a young adult, the theme still remains. (This is why I think the young adults who have read the work identify with the character.) You have some students who are itching to get out of their “home” culture, and when they get out, they look back with disdain and bitterness (Tobias). These usually never want to return, or even worse, they return to mock their home community. Others leave willingly, but have issues with the “outside world” and indeed encounter struggle, but they eventually find their way home (Thaddeus). And lastly, we have those that long to get out, but once out, they still carry Christ’s heart, and they long to come home (Zack), even if only on a temporary basis.

One of the points of Magnus Kir is to consider the walls we have built around our lives and the lives of those around us. Obviously, some of these walls are built for protection (the Nomads), others are built out of irrational fear (who’d fear Zorbit?), but this is for the reader to consider… 

About deanhardy23

Dean Hardy is the Bible Department Chair at Charlotte Christian School North Carolina. He is the author of middle grade fantasy Magnus Kir and an apologetics text entitled Stand Your Ground
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1 Response to The motive behind Magnus Kir… our cultural “Bubble”

  1. Interesting not knowing any non-believers. And your right they’ll have them in college. And Interesting Video.

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